The Ferrari Group operates customs bonded warehousing facilities from most major cities worldwide. This means that you are able to import goods into the Bonded Warehouse without the payment of duty and VAT and hold them there for viewing, sorting, and/or re-packaging until ready to be brought to home use or Re-export to a secondary destination on a trans-shipment basis. This is particularly useful for high value shipments where the product needs to be viewed before the final sale takes place. Under certain circumstances the goods can be temporarily removed to your premises for viewing.
The Ferrari Group, is able to offer secure storage facilities worldwide, fully insured upon written request, for either an ad-hoc period or on a long term contract basis. Our secure bonded warehousing facility has been designed to meet every kind of storage requirement, such as high and normal stacking, heavy lifts, long term contact storage, fine and rare art, all of which will be contained within our secure vaulting facility. Moreover, Ferrari Express is able to offer you the same standard of services on a global scale.
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